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            The brand of VSD was founded in 1991 in London, in the early stage VSD was major in  producing IT network equipment, early in 1998 VSD began to develop the network security equipment,which benefit from the precipitation of the network technology, in  May 1995 the first network camera which used for security entered the market, VSD launched the first network encoder the in 2000, in  2003 VSD’s first PTZ network camera was born, in 2004 the VSD’s first network camera which adopt MPEG2 format megapixels  was borned and applied in the British National Museum,in 2005 the first R&D and marketing center set up,which located in Ottawa, Canada,outside the VSD first, in 2007 VSD launched the first MPEG4 format mega pixel cameras which applied to the security along the star of London's heathrow airport, Europe, The Asia Pacificin marketing center set up in 2008, which located in Singapore, in 2010 VSD entered China , and set up offices in Beijing and shenzhen.

           VSD strive to provide the most professional network security equipment, clearer, smaller footprint and easier Internet is VSD’s direction of product development ,after entering the Chinese market ing , VSD has achieved remarkable resultsin the transportation, power and energy industry, more innovative products, more developed product platform, more professional service will create higher value to more Chinese customers.

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